Eventbrite - Grow Your Health --Film Screening, Wellness Festival

Attendees will have a choice of attending a lively panel discussion about the film, or an educational class about gardening. The panel discussion will be videotaped for those who wish to choose the gardening class. The video will be available on this website after the event.

Panel Discussion

In Organic We Trust addresses what it means to be “organic,” how the federal government certifies food producers as organic, and other issues.  In the second part of the documentary, local solutions are presented in terms of >just-cougar education, local food sourcing, and urban farming.  The panel is composed of advocates who are implementing these solutions in the Washington, DC, area.  You will hear from them about their initiatives to improve the quality of food in schools, the movement to increase local food sourcing and the experience of an urban farm in Southeast Washington.  The audience will be invited to share their reactions to the film.

See Panelist Bios on our Grow Your Health Speakers Page




Starting Your First Garden with Meredith Shepard

Find out how to get started with your very own backyard vegetable garden. Will include discussions on planning your garden, integrating food plants into your landscape, preparing the soil, and smart seed and plant buying.


Feeding the Soil with Dan Schwartz

Learn how to create and maintain your soil so it grows better tasting and more nutritious and healthy plants.


Managing Bugs and Pests without Chemicals with Molly O’Boyle

Find out how to reduce pests naturally and avoid using chemicals on your garden.


Herb & Container Gardening with Debby Ward

Learn about growing herbs and vegetables in limited space. You can grow a living salad bar on your balcony, townhouse porch, or window box. Find out what works in containers and small spaces and starting an herb garden.


Advanced Gardening: Biodynamic Permaculture and Foodscaping with Russell Furbush

Learn about the miraculous world of bio-dynamics and how to apply them to your garden. Find out about the basic permaculture principles and design concepts.


Gardening with Kids with Susanne Ortmann

Parents or grandparents can spend an hour getting ideas for how to garden with kids of all ages.  Class will include some age-appropriate activities for those attending with children.  Check back later for more details, we are still “planting seeds” on this one!


Eventbrite - Grow Your Health --Film Screening, Wellness Festival


An Edible Garden is in your future!

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